Welcome Owners and Guests of Lake Winona

As property owners on Lake Winona we are fortunate to have clear, clean water; water that is critical for fish and wildlife habitat and recreation. Lake Winona is our most valuable resource and protecting it is an investment we all must make.

This website is maintained by the Lake Winona Improvement Association (LWIA) and contains lake protection tips and helpful information on maintaining a healthy lake for both property owners and visitors.

Recent News from the LWIA:

Ensuring the LWIA’s Future

Many of you may not know this, but this year was the LWIA’s 70th anniversary. Since its humble start by a group of owners on West Shore Road in 1947, the LWIA has been a formal steward for: Preserving the … Continue reading


August Minutes, clarification

The August Annual Meeting minutes are under the “About the LWIA” tab in the meeting minutes section. There is a link that can be accessed there. For convenience, I have added it here: Lake Winona Improvement Association august 2017. If you … Continue reading


Minutes of the August Annual Meeting

Minutes of the August Annual Meeting have been posted. They will be up for about a month. Please contact Sara Jayne Steen or Katie Hedberg if you have questions or would like a copy of the minutes sent to you.


3 Ways to Protect Lake Winona this Fall

Avoid blowing grass clippings or raking leaves into the lake. These actions can contribute phosphorous to our lake and lead to nuisance algal and plant growth. See how to prevent phosphorous from getting into Lake Winona. Take one last boat excursion … Continue reading


Volunteers Needed!

Two committees were approved at our meeting on Saturday. We are looking for volunteers for the new Nominating Committee (Althea Dunscombe, Chair) and the new Study Group to investigate the beaver issue (Don Thibeault, Chair). For more information, please contact … Continue reading