Ice Out on Winona

Today was our official 2019 ice out date; similar to prior ice out dates and a just one day behind Winnipesaukee’s April 24 ice out. Just a few days prior, the lake still had large sections of ice over most of the water, but a few high temp days did the trick.

Ice-Out records in New Hampshire have been kept since 1887 as a way to keep track of when both commercial and passenger transportation lanes became usable in the larger lakes. Over the last ten years or so, the Department of Environmental Services has asked all lakes to begin tracking their ice out dates. Ice out dates for Winona have been:

Year Date- Ice Out
2012 3/23/2012
2013 4/17/2013
2014 4/22/2014
2015 4/22/2015
2016 3/23/2016
2017 4/20/2017
2018 4/28/2018
2019 4/25/2019

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