History of Lake Winona: Fogg Tavern

One of the landmarks of Winona is the old Fogg Tavern.

The Foggs were early settlers. One of the oldest was Capt. Levi Fogg, born in 1787. Both he and Mrs. Fogg died at the tavern. He was a very large man weighing about 400 pounds.

It is said his casket was so large it wouldn’t go through the door and the funeral had to be held outside.

His son Calvin Fogg married Clemena Cram in 1835 and they carried on the hotel business at the Fogg Tavern.

The stage coaches stopped there on their way over Oak Hill traveling to the north. Drovers driving their cattle stopped their herd in the pound opposite the tavern.

In 1882 Mr. Joseph Stone bought the historic landmark. After Mr. Stone died, a relative, Clarence Gordon, became the owner and resides there at the present time (1952).

Source: Written and read by Mrs. Stella Pollard for Old Home Day, August 25, 1951. Information provided by Mrs. Grace Thayer who remembered the stories told by Mr. Martin Woodman, Albert Hawkins, Hosea Boynton, Mrs. Clara Hawkins and others.