The History of Lake Winona: The Founding of New Hampton

It is quite well known that the town of new Hampton was once called Moultonboro Addition or Moultonboro Gore. General Jonathan Moulton was granted this tract of land in 1763. It consisted of 19,420 acres, a part of which is now Center Harbor.

Gen. Moulton was a far sighted and shrewd man. It came to his mind that it would be a smart and proper thing to make the Governor a present. He had a very fine, fat ox, which he drove to Portsmouth and presented to the Governor of Wentworth. He refused pay but modestly replied that there was a small gore of land adjoining Moultonboro, for which he would like a charter. The Governor granted this simple request and Gen. Moulton called it New Hampton in honor of his native town, Hampton, England.

The town was incorporated Nov. 27, 1877. The northeast section of New Hampton was once called Lacawanna and later named Winona; which comprised the east side of Harper and Beech Hills and borders some on Lake Winona and Lake Waukewan to the Center Harbor line – a bridge which separates the two towns.

Source: Written and read by Mrs. Stella Pollard for Old Home Day, August 25, 1951. Information provided by Mrs. Grace Thayer who remembered the stories told by Mr. Martin Woodman, Albert Hawkins, Hosea Boynton, Mrs. Clara Hawkins and others.