History of Lake Winona: Slideshow

This six-minute slideshow entitled Winona-Then and Now was prepared by Karl West and includes vintage images from the collections of Robert Proulx, Dave Reilly and Karl West.

These special photos and scans highlight Lake Winona life and lore over the past hundred or more years and include:

  • Trail Blazing and Views from Bald Ledge
  • The old Winona Station & Early Railroad scenes including the Collision at Winona
  • The Flood of 1973
  • Ashland Memories
  • Snapshots of Friends & Family around the Lake and more.

To view the slideshow, click the link below and choose Run when presented with the Download dialog box. ( You may wish to Save the SHOW.exe file to your computer for viewing at a later time.)

The slideshow is quite a large file so it might require as much as 30 seconds to a minute or more to download, depending on your connection speed, but it’s well worth the wait!

Download the Slideshow