Boat Owner Responsibility

Motorboat misuse can reduce water quality and disturb aquatic life. Boat owners should:

  • Avoid propeller disturbance of the lake bottom. Churned nutrient-laden bottom sediments support increased algae growth and cause excess murkiness
  • Keep boat and skiers 150 feet from shore when operating above wake speed; large wakes cause wave action that contribute to shoreline erosion and stir up bottom sediments
  • Steer clear of exposed, steep or sloping banks
  • Observe state and federal laws governing the use of approved Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs)
  • Use special care when fueling your boat
  • Use petroleum-absorbing pads to avoid accidental fuel and oil spills when performing engine repairs and maintenance
  • Select and use environmentally responsible cleaning products and marine paint
  • Dispose of fish parts properly when cleaning fish. Parts should not be thrown into the lake

Information for this section was taken from “New Hampshire Boater’s Guide – A Digest of Boating Laws,” a publication of the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Marine Patrol, 1997.

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